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Swimming Pool, 120" X 72" X 22" Full-Sized, Swimming Pools Above Ground, Inflatable Pool for Kids and Adults, Pools for Backyard, Outdoor, Garden, Summer Water Party

【Multi-function】This is a family-size above-ground swimming pool, kids can swim, splash, and have a water party in it right there in your backyard. Join the kids and let this summer fun and fresh, especially a perfect lockdown joy at home during these hard times of social distancing. Also served as a lounging spot for adults to get a relaxing tan, stay cool to beat the heat and have access to a pool anytime. Fill it up with loads of balls to make a ball pit for kids fun in every season.

【Very Spacious】120 x 72 x 22 in size, palatial to a big family of 2 adults and 3 kids to fit comfortably and splash about without squeezing in but plenty room to spare , yet deep enough for kids to swim in and adults to raft in since it has 3 tiers instead of 2(Fill less tiers to lower the sidewalls down for smaller kids), which as well gives a perfect height to rest your back and arms. Enjoy the backyard summer water party and get a much needed “vacation”at home, or elsewhere you need it.

【Ultra Thick - 0.4mm】 Made of 0.4mm thick PVC of HIGH TOUGHNESS, twice the thickness and durability of most out there on the market, this inflatable pool is way much sturdier and stronger to effectively reduce the risk of punctures and sticks, and maintain its shape well every time even filled with water( Fill it to 2/3 full with water). Different from most, the swimming pool elaborately made by PAFOLO is endowed to last, which clearly distinguishes us from the “disposable” ones.

【No Leaking or Sagging】The inflatable pool will start sagging if it is poorly made and leaks, which is the key issue on how long a pool will survive, whether for hours or for seasons. PAFOLO team never conform to the usual stereotype of a thing, pools from PAFOLO are: Thicker(0.4mm), better finished at seam for 100% tight seal, with secured valve, and unique 3-tier design, which can still function well if one chamber has a leak one day after being long used(with 3 individual air valves).

【Safe & Sturdy Material】Made of superior PVC, its Safe, Non-toxic, Naphthalene-free, Lead-free, BPA-free, and has no strong weird smell like many pools you’ve seen. That said, in case your kids lick it, it is still free of worries since its 100% safe and friendly to kids. The material is very thick and durable enough to resist wear, tear, and impact from heavy water inside. Easy to inflate and deflate, and quick to drain through the 2 drainage valves equipped to accelerate draining.